No matter how small or big your social occasion is, we'd love to be there.

Casual service events are when you need something more than a drop off and not quite as extensive as a full service event. We will bring a small staff to set up, maintain, and take down creative food boards and/or a buffet.

This is a list of some of the services we provide, but does not exclude other services you may need:

  • On-site chef
  • On-site front of house staff
  • Compostable plates 
  • Compostable flatware
  • Paper napkins
  • Buffet service
  • Buffet equipment
  • Buffet linens 
  • Bus and clean entire area

The Food

Similar to our full service events, we constantly strive to use fresh, local, and in season products. Please take a look at our menus for some ideas or ask us about creating your own unique menu.


PSX_20180320_154832 (1).jpg

Our Staff

The staff we provide are some of Portland's best. They are knowledgable and professional bad asses in the industry. We believe food and beverage is something that brings people together and creates family. We take great care of our staff because they are our family and they will treat you and your guests the same.

We will always have at least one onsite chef for every social occasion and anywhere from 1-3 servers to ensure you and your guests get the best experience.

We will need anywhere from 1-2 hours before guests arrive to set up our food boards or buffet. Our staff will keep the food replenished and fresh for the duration of the event. We will need anywhere from 30-45 mins to pack up, leave and clean the space.


Green Dreams

Eating and drinking well is amazing! With this, we understand it also comes with some responsibility. We always strive to be as accurate as possible with our food portions and if there are leftovers from your event we can box them up for your guests or we donate them to food shelters in Portland. As we grow, we strive to always find creative ways to give back to our beautiful community.